1000 days!

I made it to 1000! Closing in on 300,000 experiance points and almost 8300 lingots! Wish I could exchance lingots of for cash but other than that I am happy with Duo..

I am closing in on my fifth level 25.

I can carry on a conversation (simple) in Italian and am getting better every day in Spanish.

I completed the German course, but I didn't keep practicing it so most of that is lost now.

Practice practice practice... every day... that is what is needed to learn a new language.

I hope I can inspire you to keep it up.

October 9, 2017




Wow, 1000 days! That's really impressive! And so are all your level 25s!

Congrats!! Keep up the good work! :)

[deactivated user]

    Great job! d(°‿°)b



    German tree:
    You completed the German tree, even got to level 25, but "so most of that is lost now"?
    When was that, that you finished your German tree on DuoLingo?
    You didn't start the reverse tree, did you? This would give you more L2 target language (=German) translations.

    Q: Are you not using any 3rd party flashcard system like Memrise (DuoLingo clone courses) so you would at least have to review some vocabulary on a weekly (better daily) / monthly basis?

    I am very sad as a native German speaker that you fought through the tree, managed to get to level 25, but put the language for too long aside and you have to write in this 1000 days thread that you almost forgot everything.

    Are you really sure about this? How do you know?

    Have you tried podcasts, German youtube videos, TV shows, etc.?
    How about chatting (writing) on

    I would be very sad if I would not have to use English (e.g RC model flight forums, IT English technical product talk) and would have forgotton almost everything.
    We all know that there is a difference between reading, writing, listening and speaking.
    I agree: You only get better (the complete package) if you have to use the language on a regular basis.

    Not doing so, might corrupt your speaking capability and your fluency level and grammar skills....but writing (chatting), reading and listening should be a little bit easier to accomplish, at least on a beginner / early intermediate level, shouldn't it?

    I think DuoLingo labs stories (BETA)...hopefully soon for German...and language learning portals like, readlang & others where you get assistence in reading (showing vocabulary on hover over) and listening (showing the sentence, underlying unknown words in videos) is - besides chatting - the first big step forward.

    You mean #GOALS ?

    Great job! Congratulations! But really? Imagine the fraud that would root from the ability to exchange lingots for money.

    Bon travail! Vous êtes incroyable!

    Huge Congrats . !! That's called Dedication......with a capital D !!

    Amazing. If you want to join a discussion about medals for special land marks than you can here but hey great work and I hope you reach another land mark!
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    There is a Duo member (his username is Cleeent) who runs the Duolingo Streak Hall of Fame. Ask him to add you to the list - he updates it on a monthly basis.

    Congrats!!! Felicidades!

    Congratulations! Maybe check your grammar and spelling...

    Congratulations! <sub>^.^</sub>

    Way to go!!!!!!!!! That's really exciting. Here's a lingot for your hard work!

    Just joined you! Sometimes it's the little things.... :)

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