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Best way to learn Spanish?

As you can see I just started and I am really excited to keep going so I was wondering if there was a certain way that you got better at (insert language here). I was thinking Spanish movies, books, ect.. Hope you all have good advice :0 .

October 9, 2017



Immersion is an effective way to learn. I think some instruction paired with this is helpful as well.

Reading out loud is effective to improve pronunciation, accent, forming sentences, and other languages skills.

I believe learning in a way to make use of the language is an effective learning strategy. Learning Arabic, the majority of my studying was focused on how to use the language. How I understood what I was saying often changed after I knew how to use it.


For me, it was just getting out and speaking Spanish with actual native speakers where I live. Having conversations, making mistakes, trial and error. It really helped improve my Spanish more than years of books and classroom study ever did.

Of course, if you don't live in an area with Spanish native speakers, this might not work.


"this might not work" why not? have you tried italki?

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