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  5. "Jsou ta zvířata tvá?"

"Jsou ta zvířata tvá?"

Translation:Are those animals yours?

October 9, 2017



I tried "Are those your animals?" which I thought was an equivalent translation but it was not accepted. I accept the two translations /are/ different but couldn't say why.


The two translations are similar in meaning, but they are not identical, either in English or in Czech. Here are some tips for distinguishing them:

  1. Notice that in the Czech here 'ta' is inflected (that is, it's a modified form of 'ten') and it comes immediately in front of the noun. So it must mean 'those XXX' (or 'the XXX'), where here the noun is 'animals'. It cannot be 'those' by itself -- that is, it cannot be 'those' the demonstrative pronoun rather than 'those' the demonstrative adjective.
  2. Notice that in the Czech here, the adjective "tvá" comes after the noun. So it must be 'XXX animals yours', not 'XXX your animals'.
  3. If the 'those' were supposed to stand by itself (that is, if 'those' were a demonstrative pronoun instead of an adjective), then in Czech it would be 'to', which in Czech is used both with a singular and with a plural complement. In other words, 'to' as a pronoun means either it/that or they/those.

I'm no expert, but I would translate your proposed sentence as:
Jsou to tvá zvířata? = Are they/those your animals?

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about all this.

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