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  5. "Stárnout nechceme ani my."

"Stárnout nechceme ani my."

Translation:We do not want to age either.

October 9, 2017



In a similar sentence Get old was accepted for starnout. But here I was marked wrong for putting this, and I was supposed to use Grow old. Shouldn't both alternatives be accepted each time? I wrote: We don't want to get old either.


And now I tried "Neither we don't want to grow old". It was rejected, and I was told to write: "Neither we don't want to grew older." That is wrong in time, at least. Please correct this!

[deactivated user]

    Stárnout is imperfective, and maybe "get old" sounds too perfective. I don't want to age vs I don't want to get old perhaps.


    Im not a native english speaker so i dont know if Its correct but i wrote "even us dont want to get older" and it said in wrong. Should it also be correct?


    No, because when you skip the EVEN the sentence cannot be used. You need WE here


    I tried a similar Version (even we don't want to age). Wasn't accepted. So how do say that in czech?


    Your sentence works fine on the English side, and "not even we want..." is accepted. I will add alternatives that use it, if the Czech natives on the team feel it is appropriate for ani.


    Yes, it is fine.


    " Také nechceme stárnout" it is my translation. Maybe? I think that is in Czech more correct


    This exercise is from Czech to English. The starting point is the Czech sentence and it is a correct Czech sentence, that is all, full stop.


    As an American English speaker, “We do not want to age either” is something you would say in response to someone else saying, “I don't want to age.” A more appropriate stand alone translation might be, “We do not want to age at all.” Yes?


    Yes, it IS a response to that sentence. The standalone version does not work here.


    Why isn't the following sentence accepted? We don't even want to age.


    It is a different sentence with a different meaning.

    Nechceme ani stárnout.

    You must check what the ani/even connects to.

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