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Bug: Strengthen Skills doesn't improve weakest skills

Basics 2 (and now Animals) has been on 4 bars out of 5 for the past couple of days. I just did over 200 coins worth of practice sessions and neither of them have been increased back to full bars.

Either the words Strengthen Skills chooses are random, the bars on 'skills' don't reflect the weakest words or the skills are too hard to keep gold.

Not only that, these are some of the easiest lessons of the whole tree. I've been seeing words in 'Basics 2' since before I was a teenager. This skill should (in practice) never not be gold. It serves no purpose in not being gold unless someone is still high up in the tree. All of the words contained in it appear in every other sentence.

As we have no vocab cough cough, I can't have a look at my weakest words to see what's going on. I have, however, seen all of these words in the past day in the practice sessions. Perhaps they weren't the 'target words', but I've definitely seen a 'Männer' and a 'Zeitung' pop up in odd places.

April 3, 2014



Perhaps the Practice chooses some words from a variety of lessons. Therefore, the more lessons you've learned, the longer it takes to strengthen all of the vocabulary. The Practices could be strengthening words, but not enough to increase overall skill strength.


but it works for me when i use it

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