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more translating

hello, i like duolingo but sometimes i wish, there were more exercises, where i have to translate from my language in the one i'm learning so that i use my trained skills more often.

October 9, 2017



Duolingo uses a very good teaching method for beginners and for people, who want to brush up their school knowledge.

  1. In the course "German for English speakers" you are learning the grammar and the pronunciation. You will mostly translate from German to English and the user interface is in English.

  2. You can start the reverse tree.
    In the "reverse tree", the course "English for German speakers", you will mostly translate from English to German. The user interface is in German.
    (Switch Microphone and Sound OFF in your Settings!)
    And you can start to read (and write) in the German discussion forums.
    You can also do both courses at once.

  3. In the "laddering trees" you can do "Foreign language 2" from "Foreign language 1" and reverse. If you are learning two ore more foreign languages.


Where do I find the reverse and laddering trees?


Just add a new course from another base language.
Please read

The reverse tree for "French for English speakers" is the course "English for French speakers"

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