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Restore lost streak

Hi, I had reached a 177 day streak but had no access to wifi or data for a couple of days so I lost my streak. Is there any way to restore this for a fee? and if so how can this be done?


October 9, 2017



Unfortunately, your extended profile shows, your streak is not available for repair.

Source: https://www.duolingo.com/users/eljamio


thats a lot of data! ... any idea why my streak isnt available for repair?


had no access to wifi or data for a couple of days

  • probably, a repair offer is only available until 2 or 3 days after losing your streak.
    You can only see the repair offer in the Android or iOS App.

  • Some people are in a test group that allows them to pay to restore their streak. Most people are not in this test group though, and you cannot request to be in it.


Thanks for the post. I lost a streak as well and didn't realize that could happen b/c of no wifi or data. I've started over.

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