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  5. "We have three other rooms."

"We have three other rooms."

Translation:Máme tři další místnosti.

October 9, 2017



I was wrong with "Máme další tři pokoje" for this Write This in Czech exercise because I "used the wrong word." The correct answer given was "máme ještě tři pokoje."

Since "další" was replaced by "ještě (underlined)," although "další" is the first option in the hint list, I'm thinking this might be another word order issue. Could someone explain, please?


Is dalsi wrong in this sentence? I thought you could use it here to say 'other'.


'dalsi' is the 'main' translation. Even in the discussion heading here


Mame dalsi tri mistnosti ???


I will add it. Please note that using ??? is not very polite.

Also, use "My answer should have been accepted."


Suggestion: Add ještě to the suggestions/definitions of "other."


that would produce a misleading hint.


OK. Sorry. Someone above wrote that "The correct answer given was 'Máme ještě tři pokoje.'" Apparently, not. In fact, I seem to have misunderstood. "Máme ještě tři pokoje." would mean "We still have three rooms.", e.g., in our new place, as opposed to three more rooms, as I was thinking -- or is this ambiguous?

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