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Any reason to learn esperanto?

I think Esperanto is a good language Project,but can anyone tell me why I should learn it? Thanks

October 9, 2017



Google would probably be most helpful here. "Reasons to learn Esperanto". This article is pretty interesting. https://www.esperanto-usa.org/node/107


There is an Esperanto forum/topic. You might get more of a response if you move your posts there.


A lot of people who learned Esperanto before another language say that it makes learning languages much easier in the future. Esperanto doesn't contain any irregular expressions of its forms, meaning you learn the parts of language in a very plain, unobscured way. To quote from an article:

"How is that possible? Esperanto will teach you grammatical concepts (such as how to use various tenses, prefixes, endings, etc.) in a pure and easy-to-remember way. Grammatical concepts are always obscured by irregularities in natural languages, and it may take a lot of time to understand the same underlying principles without being given any clear examples."


People can connect with other Esperanto speakers around the world, so when traveling, they stay at one another's homes. With both families knowing how to speak Esperanto, one then does not have to know each other's native tongues in order to communicate. It's very easy to learn. It has Germanic sentence structure and Romance words.


I learned it to make it easier to learn more languages in the future.

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