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Conditional Past 2 is BROKEN!!!

Argh! I've given up on the final lesson of the Conditional 2 unit. Others have talked about how persnickety this course can be about English grammar (for instance, you are OFTEN counted wrong for neglecting an article or using the wrong article on a noun, even though Swahili doesn't make that distinction in the first place).

This last lesson on the negative conditional past tense just takes it too far. It wants a different bizarre English construction for each sentence, even though every Swahili sentence is in the same tense. How am I supposed to know whether to say "if the thing WERE TO BE sweet" instead of "were sweet". THEY MEAN THE SAME DAMN THING IN ENGLISH!!! If the grading is going to be so strict, the English conjugation should be the same from one sentence to the next. It's exhausting reporting the same sentence over and over because I can't guess which awkward, unnatural English construction is the right one for this particular sentence.

October 9, 2017



Yep. If it helps at all, that lesson is the single worst one and it gets better again from there on.


You might find it easier to do it in mobile. It will give you a selection of words to use and you piece it together. I feel it hurts the experience of translating just a little, but when I do it, I just make sure to translate it before looking at the English options.


The "tips" for the conditional past are wrong.

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