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Earn 150 lingots in your first 2.5 months! Here's how!!

So, many new users stress about the difficulty or slow pace at which you can earn lingots. Turns out, you can earn more than 100 lingots in 2 months and up to 150 lingots in your first 2.5 months! Here's how:

Do one new lesson every single day, make your 7-day-streak wagers as often as you can, and don't skip a day.

That's right, just 5 minutes a day for 2-2.5 months will earn you 100+ lingots.

Let's look at a 77-day example:


Leveling up: (21-28 lingots)

You would earn 10 xp per day for successfully completing each lesson. That number gets bumped to 15 xp if you avoid giving wrong answers.

XP helps you level up, and each time you level up, you earn the number of lingots of that level. So after 77 days, you would have earned between 770 and 1155 XP, resulting in acheiving either level 6 or 7.

XP needed to level up: 1 - 60, 2 - 120, 3 - 200, 4 - 300, 5 - 450, 6 - 750, 7 - 1,125

Skills: (36 lingots)

Every time you complete all the lessons in a Skill, you earn 2 lingots for completing that skill.

If you completed a new lesson every single day starting at the beginning of the skill tree, you would complete the first 77 lessons. It turns out, that completing the first 77 lessons equates to you completing the 18th Skill ("Determiners").

18 Skills times 2 lingots for each skill is 36 more lingots!

Number of skills per lesson: Skill (#lessons) 1 (3), 2 (3), 3 (4), 4 (4), 5 (4), 6 (3), 7 (4), 8 (2), 9 (3), 10 (4), 11 (4), 12 (1), 13 (6), 14 (6), 15 (7), 16 (9), 17 (7), 18 (3)

Streaks: (28 lingots)

Every time you complete a consecutive 10-day streak, you earn the number of lingots equal to 1/10 of your streak total. For example, a 10 day streak earns you 1 lingot, a 20 day streak earns you 2 more lingots, a 30 day streak earns you 3 lingots, etc...

So after 77 days, you would have earned 28 lingots (and would be well on your way to 8 more!).

7-day streak wagers: (50 lingots)

Every time you successfully keep your 7-day streak alive, you double your 5-lingot wager. This results in a net gain of 5 lingots per wager.

If you complete 77 days of duolingo, you have 10 chances to win the wager, which results in 50 lingots.

The reason you can't win 11 wagers is because you can't make a wager on day 1 because you start with 0 lingots. However, by day 6, you will have completed the first 2 skills (earning you 4 lingots) and leveled up to xp level 1 (1 more lingot). So starting on day 7, you'll be able to start a wager. You can then continue making wagers every 7 days until you complete the 77th day, which will end your 10th 7-day streak during an active wager.


Leveling Up: 21-28 lingots

Completing Skills: 36 lingots

10-day streaks: 28 lingots

7-day-streak wagers: 50 lingots

Grand Total: 135 - 142 lingots

Summary: completing one lesson on each of 77 consecutive days while making 7-day-streak wagers will result in you earning 135 - 142 lingots.

-> 3 more days (for a total of 80 days and 8 more lingots) will get you to 150 lingots!

DISCLAIMER: This works for the Spanish Language. I cannot be sure how well this lines up with other languages.

Please comment below if you've figured this out for another language....

October 9, 2017



Los lingots no son la cosa primaria, sino el proceso de aprendizaje. tal vez valdrán algo un día, pero creo que el proceso de aprendizaje es el propósito de duolingo. ¿Te Parece?


Sí -- de acuerdo. Pero los usuarios nuevos todavía quieren saber sobre lingots. Esto es para ellos.


And then what? I got 628 lingots now and there is nothing I can buy anymore, so what is the use?


Sure, you and I realize that because we've been playing (learning) long enough. But you know well that lingots are a major incentive for new users to play the game (i.e., to learn). This is for new users -- a way to get them excited about really taking a dive into DuoLingo!


Nice breakdown =) It get's even better because you get extra lingots for every 10th day in your streak: (i.e. 10 days: 1, 20 days: 2, 30 days: 3) so you'll gain another 28 lingots (1+2+3+4+5+6+7) in those 77 days


Oops I knew I forgot something! let me add that real quick!


That and the 15 xp for all correct answers must be recently-instituted A/B tests. I've never heard of them before.

In any case, other than the occasional streak freeze and gifts to other people, 150 lingots should be more than all the lingots you'll ever need.


It is an a/b. I was in the test group for the 15xp and then was rotated out of it. I didn't feel like it did anything to improve my participation. It was just part of what I was doing anyway. But, maybe others will be motivated by it.


Wow really helpful


For those of you doing the quick math, extending your streak to 91 days (~3 months) will result in you earning 21 more lingots, with a 3 month total of up to 171 lingots!

120 day streak (~4 months) will get you to 252 linots!! (You'll be at level 8 and would have just completed the "Numbers" Skill and completed your 16th 7-day wager the day before).


Thanks for the info. Quite helpful

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