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  5. "Our people need water."

"Our people need water."

Translation:Naši lidé potřebují vodu.

October 9, 2017



why can't you say, "naš osoby potřebujou vodu"?


1) it would have to be "naše" to match osoby (feminine plural)

2) using "osoby" here sounds funny, somewhat like "Our persons/characters/figures need water."

3) note that "potřebujou" is correct, but colloquial Bohemian. The more standard form is "potřebují".


I cannot agree, potřebujou is no Common Czech (really Czech, not just Bohemian, it covers the western part of Moravia as well).

Potřebujou (kryjou, kupujou) is included the spoken form of Standard Czech (hovorová čeština) and accepted in all exercises of this course.


I did write it's correct. But I don't believe it's commonly heard on the TV or radio (i.e. in literary speech). I certainly would not write "potřebujou" in any document or formal text.

As for Moravia, I guess I don't know the western part of it well. From my experience, people would say "potřebujú" in the Hodonín region, "potřebujó" in the Haná region, "potřebují" in Zlín and the northern part. Brno mostly has "potřebujou", so the western part probably does, too, as you say.


Why is it "naši" and not "naše"? Is "lidé" masculine? And if so, is that just something you have to know? (Assuming there is no singular form of this word).


It is masculine. Singular form is člověk and is masculine as well.


Off the topic. Since Czechs often say "Naši" when referring to their own parents would it be correct to call someone else's parents "Vaši"?


Yes, exactly. "Jedeš o víkendu k vašim?" (Are you going to your parents' place this weekend?)

Or: "Jak se mají vaši?" (How are your folks doing?)

And yes, "Naši potřebují vodu." would mean My parents need water. Or "our parents" if you have a brother/sister and he/she's nearby when you're saying the sentence - that's how this "naši/vaši" came to be.

Only "naši" and "vaši" works though. There's no such thing as "jejich" for the 3rd person, only the standard "jeho/její rodiče".


Thank you very much. Czech Duolingo Team is the best.


Serbs also use "naši" / "vaši" for their parents :)

PS. I agree with you that the Czech team is definitely the best on Duolingo.


That's really interesting. My Macedonian ex, who went to school in Montenegro and spoke fluent Serbian, was fascinated/amused by the Czech "naši/vaši" and obviously oblivious to the same idiom existing in Serbian. :)

And hvala for the praise of our team :)

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