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Nigerian Independence Day

This post is super late, but here goes:

In honor of the Nigerian Independence Day, I made a special owl!

It was supposed to be last week's "Weekly special", but since I forgot to post it, it's going for this week instead. The price is 15 lingots, plus an extra 3 if you want to change the background color from one of the three I have shown. You can order one by commenting on this discussion, or by emailing me at my.duo.shop@gmail.com. I also urge you to check out my website for many more Duo avatars!

Happy learning, everyone!

P.S. If you have no clue what on Earth I am talking about, see my original discussion here.

October 9, 2017



Those are awesome!


I have a question about your duos: How do we pay for them?


Well, first you would order one, and once I tell you how much it costs, you would give the lingots to one of my comments. Then I would send you a link with the un-watermarked version of the owl you ordered.


Oh, thank you! I'll try to remember to send in an order for one of these soon!


Hooray for Nigeria!

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