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"Esta cadeira é feita de plástico."

Translation:This chair is made of plastic.

April 3, 2014



This chair is made from plastic??


So in the passive voice, you just take the past participle of the verb - here 'feito' - and adjust it to agree with the subject of the sentence?


Where did feita come from? Is it because past participles are affected by genders, so feito becomes feita when describing a feminine word? Is it the same with all past participles?


When part of a compound conjugation, my understanding is that they do not change and all end in -o. However, " When used as an adjective or in a passive construction, the past participle must agree in gender and in number with the noun to which it relates:" A loja está aberta → The shop is open ; A luz foi acendida por ela → The light was switched on by her


Ok, I guess that makes sense. Thanks!


I click on the box to speak and it automatically marks it wrong, something is wrong

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