"Please do not drink any beer."

Translation:Bitte trink kein Bier.

March 13, 2013

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Is "Trink bitte kein Bier" grammatically incorrect?


"Bitte trink kein Bier", "Trink bitte kein Bier" and "Trink kein Bier, bitte" are all correct and mean the same. However, only the first one retains the word order of the English sentence.


All are acceptable translations, though.


Und "Bitte, kein bier trinken.", fungiert es, oder ist es nür zu schlecht?

Viel dank!


We would understand your sentence but it's grammatically incorrect. You need "trink/trinkt", not the Infinitiv.


Is "Bitte trinken Kein Bier" not an answer?


I think that "Bitte trinken Sie kein Bier" would be better.

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    Yep, it's wrong without "Sie".


    I'd like to know if you want to reconsider possible outcome when is the punctuation of irregular sentences questionable as to what you say to be exact in. Please,be advised, I've been studying for a short time in Germany and I have been using reported speech. If you are saying that literally every single word thus, ordered is to be only correct? I'd be surprised if you don't want to check it out. At the time I think I haven't been let's say - misunderstood. On the contrary, I heard a few natives had been saying as well as I tapped, which was proven to be exact.No hard feelings but someone's being doubtful with a bilinguals. Answer, please ?


    No. If you want to use trinken, you have to ass Sie

    Bitte trinken Sie kein Bier


    Why can't you have 'trinkst du' rather than 'trinken Sie'?


    Trink(e) nicht -> du

    Trinkt nicht -> ihr

    Trinken Sie nicht -> Sie


    How do you know to start the sentence with "trinke" and not "trinken"? What rule does this come under when there is no adjoining gender word to let you know which verb ending to use?


    You can tell it is imperative, so you need to use Imperativ in German. Trink! Trinken Sie!


    Verb endings don't depend on gender, but the rule is (generally)

    Verb stem/Verb stem + e -> du (Trink[e] kein Bier)

    Verb stem + t -> ihr (Trinkt kein Bier)

    Infinitive + Sie -> Sie (Trinken Sie kein Bier)


    "Bitte trinke kein Bier" also accepted


    How can we say the answer with nicht?


    Yeah.. good luck asking a German that


    What about 'any'? "Bitte trink kein Bier" translated to English would be 'Please don't drink beer'.

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