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  5. "Pravda vítězí."

"Pravda vítězí."

Translation:Truth prevails.

October 9, 2017



Is the definite article really needed here? Every time I read a Wikipedia article mentioning the national motto, it is always translated just as "Truth prevails".

By the way, props for the course and sentences like "Slíbil, že za jeho zeď zaplatí někdo jiný.", "Můj mluvčí nabídl alternativní fakta." or "Stěžoval si na zmanipulované volby, přestože v nich vyhrál." :D And the inclusion of "truth and love" is just <3 <3


and some people apparently think that there is material only about one person in this unit...


In fact what I like about this unit is the ambiguities and the allusions to different sources.

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