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Checked on your Streak freeze today?

Hi folks!

Those of you invested in keeping your streak:

I recommend getting a Streak freeze from the Lingot store in the Home tab (desktop version). You'll want to equip it now. It will auto-save your streak if you lose it in the future. However, check daily to see that the freeze is still equipped.

One of the more common occurrences is that people equip a streak freeze, miss a day but don't realize it, and then don't have a streak freeze in place the next time they miss and end up losing their streak thinking it was covered.

By miss a day, I mean that they

  • forget an entire day, or
  • finish their lesson just a second or two after midnight (it only counts if they finish the lesson before), or
  • they meet their goal using the app and their phone doesn't sync with the server until it's too late (for any number of reasons, this is a very frequent complaint. This is a problem on the userside).
  • completed a lesson but didn't complete the daily goal they have set for their coach. (Check to make sure your app coach and desktop coach are the same, each time you switch from one to the other.)

So, it's good to keep an eye on whether or not it is still equipped each day, because staff does not replace lost streaks. (There are exceptions. Some people are in a test group that allows them to pay to restore their streak. Most people are not in this test group though, and you cannot request to be in it.)

All of this mention of "a day". But, how does Duolingo quantify a day? A day is a 24 hour cycle based on when the day starts according your time zone. What is my time zone set to?

Oh! Keep a close eye on things when there are time changes! I'll try to remember to add more on that when it's not 12:16am. I need to track down that info. I saw it around here somewhere.

I hope this reminder helps!

Read Duolingo's official article: Why did I lose my streak?.

If you lost your streak and, after reading all of the information above you, feel none of those things apply to why you lost your streak but that it was a bug caused by Duolingo, you can submit a bug report Here. Please note that bugs on Duolingo's end would affect millions of people all at once. If you don't see the forums flooded with posts about lost streaks within a few hours, Duolingo is probably not going to fix your streak.

image source, Exact page

PS go on a multi-day camping/backpacking trips. So, don't be alarmed if my own streak goes to zero. ;)

October 9, 2017



Thanks for the reminder!


This is very helpful. I thought you had to use the streak freeze the very next day.


I bought a new one, as I seem to have used my old one a while ago without realizing it. Thanks Usagiboy7! I had no idea about this!


And thanks for the bunny pictures :)


Thank very much! I am going to get one now!


Zoh my goodness! :3


It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! (^∀^)


I am highly allergic to rabbits, but still 100% would pet that fluffball even if I couldn't breathe (♥️^♥️)


I loved this advice from the first minute I saw it saw it so many months ago. One of the first things I do every morning is check that I have the streak freeze and I'm also careful to maintain my freeze well before midnight.

Thanks, Usasi for another brilliant post.


I just wanted to say thank you for this post (even if it was a while ago). I had a 71 day streak and logged in the next day to find that my streak repair feature had been enabled I was so confused because I completed my lessons the day before, got to choose the lingot chests and everything. I had been saving the streak repair for when I was traveling for work and had been trying to figure out what happened and why it was used when I finished the lessons. I guess it didn't sync, but I'm still bummed about it and it's kind of made me less motivated to do my lessons overall. (As I predicted, I loss my streak when traveling for work this week). I got a streak freeze to hopefully avoid something like this again, but how do you know if your progress is actually recorded and synced with the servers. The main reason I like Duolingo is that I can do it on my phone. The whole experience and the lack of customer service has left a sour taste in my mouth (customer service shouldn't only be check out our forums or FAQs for answers--it took me a long time to find this post! I'm glad to have a possible answer at least


Is there still that bug that setting the daily goal to 1XP in the web version it results in 20XP in the Android app which caused some unexpected results, too?



:O I haven't used the web version since I started doing the Japanese course on the app. Previously, my main problem was having my minimum desktop goal changing to match my app goal whenever I used the app.

Ok, I just did a test. Last I checked, my XP goal on desktop was 1XP. Checking it just now, it was set to 10XP (matching my Android app goal). So, I changed my Desktop goal back to 1XP, signed into Android, and it was set to 20XP. So, at least for me, it is still glitchy. :C I feel bad for staff. There are so many bugs and glitches right now.


Me too. We have to be patient. My headache seems to be over, but it still seems as if the site would suffer from a violent migraine :(


Thanks for these useful tips, especially going into the complicated and various ways streaks get lost. By the way, how does Duo calculate the end of a day? Late last night I struggled through a strengthen exercise, expecting it to take about five minutes or less, but - probably I was too tired - it took forever and I actually completed it just after midnight, local time. And this gave me today's streak. But this being Sunday/Monday, it awarded the XP's to last week, not to today. So some changeovers obviously happen at different times - I wonder if this can also cause streaks to be lost?

P.S. Love your bunnies!


Midnight / 12am / 0am is when the clock starts for the day on Duolingo.

Duolingo has done a few different things over the years regarding time zones. First that I became aware, accounts were permanently set to the time zone in which they were when created. Then, that changed. The last I was aware, if you had the app and your phone adjusted to time zone your Duolingo time zone changed to match.

As for Duolingo's calculation for when a person's week ends, I am not certain. My friend just won the leaderboard for last week. However, my friend is in a vastly different time zone. I think Duolingo's week ends on Monday morning at 0am. It is 14:00 for me (2pm). And I got the notifcation that she won 20 hours ago. So, maybe it is determined by the first person in the club who clicks over into 0am Monday.

As for anything odd happening right now, I'm tempted to think it is from the bugs Duolingo is experiencing from the two recent updates.

I definitely recommend you check your streak freeze, since you finished after midnight. If everything looks fine and you have no option to buy a new streak freeze, log out and back in again and check just in case. If it still says you're fine, you should be fine.


My experience is that my daily scores are based on the local time I have set my phone to, including if I reset the time when traveling in another time zone. However, even though I virtually always do the lesson in the app, since I started keeping a frequent watch on the weekly and monthly scores in the leaderboard in a browser (clicked to display the desktop site) that I can't see in the app, I have observed that those seem to reset around 0 AM GMT, which for me is about 7 PM Sunday or the last day of the month. But the graph and point tracking of the daily scores is still based on local (phone/pc) time. So depending on your time zone, some people you follow may find it easier to get an early start on the week or month and others will find themselves in a better position to try to consolidate their positions in a last minute sprint.


Checked and the last one I bought was still there. Still, thank you very much for the reminder!


The bunnies! The content of your post is awesome and it always is in my experience, but the bunnies just push it to the next level! :0


xD Thanks! "Usagi" means "bunny" in Japanese. I really like bunnies and try to add a picture of one in most of my posts.


Oh, okay! That explains the bunnies in all your posts and the one in your profile picture. I have this friend and if she did Duolingo, she would definitely follow you just because of the bunnies! (LOL) ^_^


My life more or less requires that I do my drills after 11:00 pm. I get quite tired of "broken streaks" when I complete the job at 12:02. If I could just change my time zone by one hour, it would be more fair. As it stands, I think this is quite unfair.


Perhaps shift your perception so completing an exercise after midnight counts as the following day's XP....so when you get in on Tuesday, you do Wednesday's XP. That would remove your stress, I hope, and any completed before midnight are a bonus. Good luck

[Edit] I sometimes do this when I'm up late and have a busy day the next day. Just one exercise and then to bed, knowing my streak is safe.


Yes, that's a good idea. You could even start tonight since your streak is at one day. that way, you have nothing to loose.


I'm giving lingots for the cute bunnies!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 Rabbits are my absolute favourite animal... Also - this is full of good info. I discovered recently by accident that you can keep the streak freeze, at first I thought it was just for the day it was purchased on. But then I didnt use it that day and its still there as a back up. handy.


Hi MarryMcRabbit, since you are also a fan of rabbits, you might enjoy this hare vs rabbit discussion. :)


Also watch out when you travel... time zone changes can cost you precious hours in your "day" !!!


Thanks for the tips :) P.s and Happy Columbus Day XD


Happy Indigenous People's Day ^_^


Nice to see your rabbits.


yes... and nice to see your horse pollyperki!


Thanks for this reminder. :) I'd say a large chunk of irrelevant posts are along the lines of "WHY DID I LOSE MY ****ING STREAK I DID A LESSON!!!!!!!!!1!!1". This should be stickied.


Well, well, well. If it isn't the dog who magically transformed into a partying green owl (who still says woof). :)


If I had changed my username, no one would know who I was, so I kept it. I'm still a dog, even if my profile picture is the Chinese duo.


Woof. I'm glad you didn't change you username, and the profile picture is great!


Keep your username for generations to come!


Oh. So you're a dog in a Duo suit? xD Jk, jk.


Frohes Erntedankfest!


Thank you. This was very helpful!!


Hi! Thanks for the post, it really helped me understand more about this. Have you or anyone here ever equipped for a streak freeze for multiple days in a row (open the app, get a streak freeze every day for a certain period of time)? Did it work? I'm going on a 30 day holiday and I want to keep my streak till I get back. I have enough lingots to buy a streak freeze for every single day of my trip. Some days I'll probably get the chance to meet my daily goal, but realistically speaking that won't happen every day. If I get 2 mins of decent internet just to equip a streak freeze and preserve it till I get back I'd be more than happy. Having a streak of 125 days has really helped me continue my learning and I'd hate to lose it :( Cheers!


Streaks can motivate people in different ways. So, if freezing yours at 125 days helps you come back and learn at the end of your holiday, I hope the following information can help:

Yes, you can equip a new streak freeze every day, multiple days in a row.

My advice:
Don't forget to equip a new one every day.
Don't leave refreshing that streak freeze until the last minute in case your phone fails to properly sync with the servers. You'll want to play it safe by giving it several hours of having been equipped.

If you do forget and lose your streak, I would like to recommend checking out a post I made after loosing my streak that was just shy of 1,000 days (I think it says 994, but I've since learned that it was 988). On starting again after losing a streak.

If you can do a quick lesson to meet your goal, I recommend that. Otherwise, you'll be super rusty when you come back. Also, even if you meet your XP goal, still check your streak freeze every day. It's a good habit to get into if you're invested in keeping it.

I hope you have a good holiday ^_^


It seems like streaks aren't synced between duolingo.com and duolingo.cn. This is a bit of an issue because duolingo.com redirects to duolingo.cn—I know someone who had a 300+ streak going, but spent a few days in China, and lost her streak because she couldn't add to her duolingo.com streak while she was there.



I recommend your friend submit a Bug Report.


On Fridays we can also buy a "weekend amulet" for 20 lingots that allows us to miss that Saturday and Sunday. If you do not use the amulet on the weekend, it disappears, unlike the regular streak freeze, so it's only useful if you think you will really need it. I have seen other people write that you can stack a weekend amulet AND a streak freeze for a total of 3 days of streak freeze, but I have not tried this myself.


Thank you that is good to know and you wrote that well.


I have never even equipped a streak freeze. Do you think I should?


Why not? With a streak that long you'll probably have more lingots than other ideas what to do with it. Once it is equipped it stays equipped until you use it, but as you've never needed one yet I would bet that you can also achieve 1000 without ;-)
Congratulations for 453 days!


Personally, I would with your streak. Maybe one day, your phone might hiccup in communicating with Duolingo's servers. It would be a nice little insurance to keep the streak intact in that event. But, really it is up to you.


I hardly ever travel, which makes it a bit easier not to miss a day. My daily Duolingo routine is the first thing I do in the morning after waking up.


That's pretty much what I do too.


could you please let me know what is streak for? what do you mean of buying something with that?


You can buy a streak freeze in the lingot store for 10 Lingots.
It is then in place and cannot be bought again until you've used it. It let's you skip a day of practice without looding your streak. Your streak is the number of days you practiced on DL in a row.


"finish their lesson just a second or two after midnight (it only counts if they finish the lesson before)" i hate this i wish i could make the day end at 6:00am


I know this is an old post but I'm having issues with my streak. This morning, I took my daily lesson early (about 6 AM EDT). Later, about 11 AM, I got an email reminding me to keep my streak going. This has happened before. So what am I doing wrong? I'm pretty sure I hit "continue" after finishing the lesson because I look at the daily XP totals before I log out. And it can't be a sync error because I only use the desktop version. It's really disappointing and frustrating that there is still no way to contact anyone except on a forum where the posts are more than a year old...


How do I know if my freeze streak is equipped? I'm still confused about it.


anyone here in Dec 2019?

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