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  5. "Scoția este frumoasă."

"Scoția este frumoasă."

Translation:Scotland is beautiful.

October 9, 2017



I was always taught in English lessons that i should never use the word nice - it means too little. Frumoasă means pretty or beautiful and we can describe a country as either so why use "nice" which is a generally positive nothingness of a word? DL marking pretty as wrong at present, why?


"Nice" is "drăguță " and "pretty " is "frumușică " ("pretty woman " movie title is usually translated "frumușica") and both are considered in Romanian "lesser " than "frumoasă "

<h1>Scotland is pretty</h1>

Scoția este frumoasă DL will not allow me to translate the other way. Why?


I heard Jervis Cocker say that Lulu said the Jimi Hendrix Experience's performance on her show was "really nice" because she was displeased that he played one of the Cream's songs, not one of his own. He was wrong. Lulu was a big fan of Hendrix and the Cream and she loved their performance.

In the sixties, we said "nice" when you would say" cool," or "bad," or "wicked." There was a band called The Nice.

Words go up and down in popularity. They change their meanings. Some of those meanings never make it into a dictionary.

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