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I just finished the Turkish Course!

I want to thank to all the people that created this course, a wonderful language, very logical, systematic and personally very easy.

Turkey is a very beautiful country with a culture to discover, there are also a lot of Türk dizileri (Turkish series), they are a motivation to me to keep learning Turkish. Because If I know Turkish, I can watch them on Youtube without waiting a week.

October 9, 2017



Congratulations! If you ever have the time, you should look at other Turkic languges like Azerbaijani, Uzbek, Kazakh, or maybe even Uyghur. You might be surprised at how similar their grammar structures are compared to Turkish!


Don't forget Azerbaijani! :)


I'll keep it in mind. Thank you very much!


Sorry, this is a little off-topic, but your bio says you know 8 languages. First of all, cool! Second of all, which ones do you know?


Congratulations from a fellow fan of the Duolingo Turkish course!

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