"Tebe nehledám."

Translation:I am not looking for you.

October 9, 2017

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I think I got it. Tebe is like French "toi" and tě is a French "te". Basically toi is only used to emphasize you mean YOU rather than just you.


Why do we have here Tebe nehledam instead of Nehledam tě? (like in phrase "nepotřebuju tě")


Nehledám tě is also accepted translation. When you say "tebe nehledám" you just emphasize that you did not find the right person.


I tried "It is not you I am looking for". Seeing as this is a way to signal the emphasis on the pronoun (other than through intonation) I think it should be an accepted answer.


I am afraid it is little too far from the original sentence and would not fit the "golden rule" of duolingo translations. Such a sentence would have its equivalent in To nejsi ty, koho hledám.


Thanks. I was not aware that Duolingo has these guidelines. Compared to: "Nehledám tě." is there an emphasis on "Ty" when it is put first in "Tebe nehledám.", or is it the other way round?


I thought tebe is used after a preposition, right?


After a preposition, "tebe" MUST be used. But it can also be used without one.


I accidentally typed "ne hledam" instead of "nehledam," just by typing too quickly and not double checking. Just out of curiosity though, is that correct czech? Or must the negation be combined with the verb?


It must definitely be combined.

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