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  5. "Chci umět co nejvíc jazyků."

"Chci umět co nejvíc jazyků."

Translation:I want to know as many languages as possible.

October 9, 2017



So, after a few sentences like this, I think I see a pattern that suggests that "co (some superlative)" is a phrase that means "as (whatever) as possible." Is this right, or I am grasping at straws?


How does this sentence work? What does "co" bring to it?

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With "co" it is about me only. Without "co" it is about comparing with another group of people: I want to know the the highest number of languages (of my classmates) / (to create a new WR)


why is jazyku genitive here?


"co nejvíc" is an adverb which works similarly to mnoho, hodně, málo, trochu. All of them take genitive.


"Chci umět co nejvíc jazyků." IN this sentences is the Infinitive before the the adverb ( umět co nejvíc) and in this sentence Musíš umět co nejvíc česky. the Infinitive comes after the adverb (umět co nejvíc) Is there a reason?

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