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  5. What happened to the quizzes?


What happened to the quizzes?

I wanted to take one, but they're not in the store anymore.

October 9, 2017



Here's how to get them back:

Go to the discussions page.

Press F12 to get to the browser console.

Type duo.old_web_url_whitelist=["^.+"]; into the console.

Go to the home page.

Go to the lingot store (don't get there by pressing the lingot, press the button on the top right corner)

Buy and take the test!


Does it work with any language?


I was able to get it the way Woof described in both French and English.


I couldn't, I did what he described but when I click on the store button nothing happens.


By the way, I'm using Firefox and my Duolingo website is in Portuguese.


. I'm using Firefox too. I just did and it showed up under " Timed Practice" . I have no idea if this works in all languages. I just know it works for French and English.


Does this trick still work?


Cute, you have almost the same avatar both of you, but with different flags. WHo made these? I remember there used to be a duolingoer who made custom avatars on request.


"Go to the lingot store (don't get there by pressing the lingot, press the button on the top right corner)"

What does this mean? I don't see any button at the top right corner. I see a bell, a gem, and a flame. Only the gem takes me to the store, and that doesn't show any test. How do I get there?


He was referring to the upper right hand corner of the area the tree is in. So in my case , I have "French Skills " on the upper left then "Lingot Store " to the right. The tree is in the middle.
It only seems to work clicking on the "Lingot Store" button , not on the "lingot icon" (next to the flame). Hope that helps.

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