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  5. "Jedno z těchto dětí je její."

"Jedno z těchto dětí je její."

Translation:One of these children is hers.

October 9, 2017



Is it "jedno" (neuter) rather than "jedna" (feminine) because jedno refers to the singular "dítě " (neuter) even though dětí is feminine?

[deactivated user]

    I'd say so.


    Could you also put, "One of these children are hers."?


    Because "children" is plural word. You are supposed to use "are" for plurals rather than "is". Some people don't, but it is technically incorrect if you do.


    But it is ONE child. The world children is not the subject of the sentence.

    BTW, do you really upvote your own posts as soon as you post them?


    Yes, but it is saying that there are, in fact, multiple children that could be hers. It's not focusing on which one IS hers, it is focusing on the fact that anyone of those children could be hers.

    And yes, I do upvote my own posts because you are supposed to upvote posts you agree with. On Reddit, as soon as you post something, it automatically upvotes it because you wouldn't post something you don't agree with. I agree with what I'm saying because it is true.


    No, it says that one of her children is hers. The subject of the sentence is the word one, not the word children. Try to make a syntax tree. In Czech you see it nicely with dětí in genitive but in English it is pretty much the same thing.

    It looks weird to me, but possible here. Your choice...


    This time I have to agree with VladaFu. It is one of ( whatever) IS not 'are'. That is English Grammar.


    VladaFu is correct. To use ARE in this case would be wrong.


    I can't get my head around that těchto means these, and not those.


    In this case,

    těchto / těchhle = these

    těch = those


    why isn't the accepted? we can also say one of the children is hers even when meaning these while standing close the children


    You can say many things, when meaning something, but not all of them will be translated the same way.

    Please try to distinguish between this and the/that.

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