"I hate this person."

Translation:Tohoto člověka nenávidím.

October 10, 2017

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Is any other word an option besides "tohoto"? I wrote "tentoho" and it was wrong. Not even sure if "tentoho" exists. So far in Duolingo Czech, these demonstratives are the most difficult for me.


tohoto (from tento), tohohle (tenhle), tohohletoho (tenhleten)


What is the subtle difference in meaning between "nenávidím" and "nesnáším"? (Not that, with regard to persons, I would ever choose to use either...)


The distinction may quite well be individual. For me nenávidím is deeper. I truly hate that person for who they are, maybe they did something very bad. Nesnáším means I just can't stand the person in general. Maybe they just behave in some stupid way, I do not like their stupid jokes or something.


My response (Nenávidím tentoho človeka) was incorrect, and I understand why.

But the correct answer given was "nenávidím tadytoho člověka." I haven't come across "tadytoho" yet, so...

Would that sentence mean something like "I hate this person here," emphasizing HERE? But then, how can one hate "THIS person," if the person isn't "HERE"?

Sorry, just trying to get a handle on this...


"nenávidím tahle osoba" is not possible or has to be "tahle osobu"? Dekují


"Nenávidím tuhle osobu" is accepted; you need the accusative case, for the direct object

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