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How to skip speaking exercises?

When I'm studying from a computer with no microphone, or in a place where I can't speak (eg on the train or in the library), I can skip but it counts as a "mistake." I don't care about the "mistake" per se, but it causes problems later because I can't finish the session as mistakes get repeated at the end.

Some courses have the option of skipping listening exercises without penalty by clicking "can't listen now" but what about speaking exercises? How do you skip them in this case? Is it possible? If not why not?

October 10, 2017



If you hover over you username in the blue bar at the top of the screen (desktop version of Duolingo) a menu will drop down. From it, click "Settings". Don't forget to click the green "Save" button after. :)


Perfect - thanks - I actually came back to post that exact set of instructions after fiddling around and finding it for myself. However I still think it's backwards to have a means of turning off listening exercises directly from the practice session, but not have the same feature for the mic. Being unable to speak but able to listen is surely more common than the other way around!

And yes, the "skip" button is useless in this case: not only does it degrade skill strength (tricking the system into presenting you with material you've already mastered instead of what you really need to study) but you can't apparently end a practice session without completing the questions you got wrong. This makes perfect sense from a learning perspective, but means that in case of a glitch like being unable to use your mic or speakers for some reason you're trapped in a loop. You can abandon the session of course.


you can. just push the skip button and sometimes it will give you something else!

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