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(Semi-mandatory) 800 Day Streak (post)! +throwback

Ladies and gentlemen of Duolingo, I have reached an 800-day streak!

applauds for me because no one else will

I also don't know why my flags say 799 days when at the top of the screen it says 800

Also, I was apparently a lot more clever 400 days ago when I created a post celebrating... 400... days... so instead of being creative again, I shall just post a link to that semi-amusing post of mine!

It's interesting to see how some stuff has changed in just 400 days as some of the stuff on that post is now outdated or taken down.

Or the fact that at that point I thought I was going to major in linguistics. That's definitely changed!

But hey, those 400 days have gone by and I'm studying harder than ever before.

Have a great night (or morning, or afternoon, or...) everyone!

October 10, 2017


[deactivated user]

    Congrats! ヽ(o^ ^o)ノ


    Thank you! Your flags are very impressive!


    Congrats! :) About that part on the Korean course in your 400 day streak post... you're not 8,000 years old right now, are you? :P

    Oh, and I shall applaud for you. applauds


    Congrats on your streak as well.


    Depends on who you ask. For me, no. I guess those course creators work fast! And thanks! Your streak is really great too!


    I once had a 52 day streak, but one fateful night, instead of doing Duolingo, I played Mario & Sonic At The 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Worst. Decision. Ever. I hope you keep on Duolingoing to keep that streak up! applause


    I hope the game was worth it though! Thank you!


    Duolingo team applauses added. ;)


    Thank you. Your streak is far more impressive, however!


    applauds for you :)

    Congrats! I am curious, what is your major (if you are in college now)?


    Thank you! I'm currently undecided on a major, but I am thinking anthropology and I'm also going to start going for an emphasis in Women's Studies. But who knows, maybe in another 400 days, it'll be something else entirely.


    Oh, OK! If you take a few classes and realize you actually hate it, it's fine if you want to switch. I switched about two times before I settled on geography (history-->political science-->geography). In fact, my last major switch was made in the middle of the second semester of my junior year! (It's a long story...)


    Congrats!! *applause*


    Let me see... More than two years without being away from the Internet for more than 48 hours... I do feel sorry for you (and for myself, for that matter -- I am in the same boat). There are still so many interesting places to see and so much interesting stuff to do outside of the area of mobile coverage.
    So, yes, you've made the best of these sad circumstances, congrats!
    But my condolences otherwise.


    It's not always pleasant, I'll give it that. But "interesting places to see"... sadly, I am both in school full time and working minimum wage. I unfortunately don't have a lot of opportunities to go places for that long. That being said, I have worked around a few trips, ie. doing lessons early in the morning before leaving for wherever I was going so I had at least 34ish hours where I didn't have to panic about doing it again.

    I guess we're all just suckers for pain.

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