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  5. "네 아파트는 어디야?"

" 아파트는 어디야?"

Translation:Where is your apartment?

October 10, 2017



Why was 'flat' not an accepted English translation here? Makes no sense? Or am I missing something


A flat isn't really a synonym for an apartment. I'm not sure what the Korean concept for the borrowed word would make it a closer equivalent to. Look up apartment on Wikipedia if you want to join me in having your head spin over the technical differences.


Why is it 네 isnt it supposed to be 니?


when you pronounce it you are supposed to say 니, but when you write it, you're supposed to write 네.


People read 니 instead of 네 bcs it's hard to differentiate with 내.

  • 1790

니 is not the standard language.


Even if it's written 네, it should be prounounced 니. I don't think I've ever heard a Korean pronounce 니 as 'nay' when meaning 'your'-- it's too easy to confuse with '내.' Furthermore, when I watch movies or dramas, the subtitles will read '네' even though the actor says '니.' I think it's safe to say '니' is the standard pronuncation. So yeah, the sentence is written correctly, but the audio file is wrong.


The audio is read by a computer. I don't think they can set different audio files on Duolingo lessons.


I keep wondering if the reason Duo's Korean robot sounds so terrible is because it is some t-to-s robot that was never designed with Korean phonology in mind and the team had to just adapt it as best as they could.


니 is only spoken Korean. Written Korean is always 네. Both mean "your" ^^. Also, 니 is standard language, its just only used in informal spoken situations.


네 is the correct writing. 니 is more of a slang and used in informal messages. Both mean your


The pronunciation is always 니 but Duo pronounced it as 네.


Can we just say 네네 or do we then have to 의트?


Sorry for the stupid question, but what is the difference between department and apartment? English is not my first language.

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