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Languages with different alphabets


Korean is the first course I've taken on Duo that uses a different alphabet, so I don't know if this already applies to other courses.

I was wondering if there's a way to let the course know that you are an advanced learner and do not need to constantly "strengthen your skills" when it comes to the alphabet. Personally, I've been studying Korean for a long time now, and every day my app insists my alphabet skills are slipping.

Not a real issue - just a personal irritation.


October 10, 2017



This may or may not work on the handhelds, but on the PC version of Duo if you reply to lessons 100% right and with no peeking (at flyover help) the skill will not need strengthening for at least a couple of months. What works for me is to finish each lesson of a skill w/ no errors then do non-timed and timed practice with no mistakes. Would that work on a handheld device? (Sounds like you should get all your questions right, but I thought I'd suggest this, anyway.)


A frequent complaint. There is no special setting for that, no. Now that Korean's out on the web, I would second slogger's advice all the more and tell you to just ace a bunch of practices with no hints if you're particularly attached to that gilded aura :) [I have a suspicion that acing timed ones helps all the more b/c of the additional challenge, although I'm not sure about that.] Some people seem to be in test groups where it's really hard to keep degilding under control; if you can't get a handle on it reasonably quickly, I'd encourage you to just not worry about it.


Strengthening skills is optional, they do not all have to be gold.


Unfortunately you can't skip it. But I mean you can always ignore it lmao, unless you always want them to be gold plated. But hey you already know it right so I guess just power through it real quick. I have no idea how to do this but I believe you could just email Duo and request a way to be able to skip that.

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