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  5. "여기가 어두워요."

"여기가 어두워요."

Translation:It is dark here.

October 10, 2017



Yes, Duo. When half the sentences you generate make you sound like a kidnapper, it gets that way.


It rejected 'It is dark in here'. I'm not sure if this is bad grammar..


여기'는' 이라고 하는게 더 자연스럽다


Sure, 'here it is dark' was so wrong by me! It had to be 'It is dark here'...


When do you use 오 instead of 요 at the end?


Native or more advanced speakers, how would the meaning of the sentence change if it were "여기는" instead of "여기가?" Would it imply that the place in question is generally dark on a regular basis (such as a rural area with little light pollution at night, or perhaps a windowless room)? Or is that off base? What other shades of meaning are possible with that change? In what situations might you use each? I feel like if i keep getting examples and/or explanations I'll eventually get this topic vs subject thing worked out, but without context i feel like I'm spinning in circles.


I would also like to know how changing "here" (여기) from being a topic (여기는) to a subject (여기가) changes the meaning of the sentence, if at all.


나는 어두워요. 하하하핳


Why does the pronunciation sound weird to me? 요 doesn't sound like 요....?


It doesn't sound very clear to me, either. I don't think the TTS is pronouncing it incorrectly, but it sounds like 어두워 and 요 were recorded separately. 어두워요 is, as you know, literally pronounced [어두워요].


I hear yo. If you can test it again to see if it's the same, either they've updated, or there is some weird audical illusion. Lol if that's even a thing, though i did read that what you hear can be altered through time even though the sound remains exactly the same.


I'm with you. It sounds like it's between 요 and 여 to me. Maybe that's normal though - we have "lazy" pronunciations of a lot of words in English too.


'Here is dark' I think it should have been accepted too?

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