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Multiple Choice Always #2

I've noticed that multiple-choice questions (with only one right answer) are consistently putting the correct answer in position #2. Only the wrong answers are being randomized.

This pattern doesn't happen in the "select all that apply" type of question. Only in questions like "select the missing word".

October 10, 2017



That's weird. Maybe just luck. You have a chance of getting the right answer in the middle over and over again. Probably just luck.


I mean, I think I've had it in the third space sometimes (like if there's five options), but i suppose that would still be close to the middle... But that is an interesting observation. Does it apply to all languages or do you think it would only apply to the French lessons? I would suspect that the answers are put in a random order each time the question came up, though I haven't taken the same lesson, containing one of those questions, over and over again, so I don't really know for sure.

Your observation may be helpful though for new Duolingoers! :)


just lucky coincidence, i don't encounter that in my french lessons

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