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"Price" inflation in lingot store

This is the second time this has happened to me. I missed a day and went to buy a streak freeze, and the price suddenly went up from 10 lingots to 200. This is an absurd increase. What are they thinking? How would you feel if you went to buy a can of tuna and the price went from a dollar to $20 overnight? I know they are trying to force me to pay real money to keep my freeze. I did it once but I won't do it again. I would rather just pay $5 or $10 a month to use the program. I hate being jerked around like this, with no predictability in the program features.

October 10, 2017



Maybe, in your App 200 "gems" but in Duolingo's web version (duolingo.com) still 10 lingots?
In the Duolingo Help Center, you can read more about "gems" and "health"


It could be an A/B test and as most people are complaining that they have nothing to spend their lingots on, 200 for a streak freeze doesn’t sound too onerous.

Also, there are millions of users who cannot afford to pay real money for Duo so charging 200 for a streak freeze sounds reasonable and pleases both side i.e. it keeps Duo free and gives everyone something to spend their lingots on.


The streak freeze is ridiculously cheap, so if there was such a price hike it sounds like a good idea.


If it's gems, there will be a big difference from what I've read in the forums. That said, others have encountered sudden lingot jumps from 10 to 200 before and then it quickly went back to 10 for them.

I've stopped expecting predictability from Duolingo. It is constantly changing things and has from the beginning. Duolingo is connected to Carnegie Mellon, a university. Duolingo regularly tracks digital learning patterns and tries variations to see what improves people's participation and retention en mass. A couple of weeks ago, there were 714 a/b tests. However, the current chaos I attribute that to all of the bugs the last two updates have set lose. Staff are working as fast as possible to try to fix things.


If you don't want to pay such a price, go on the desktop. Lingots are still used there.


Lingots or Gems?
On the web or any mobile apps?
If mobile: IOS or Android?

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