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"Wir arbeiten auch in Spanien."

Translation:We work in Spain, too.

October 10, 2017



It could also mean: "We also work in Spain."


What is wrong with "We work also in Spain." ?


With most English verbs, "also" should go before the verb (in between the subject and the verb). There are exceptions, like the forms of "to be" and modal verbs (where "also" goes after the verb), but for most verbs, you want to put it before.


Does this mean that Spain is an additional place we work or that working is an additional activity that we do in Spain?


Why is 'auch' not at the end of the sentence? Can anyone explain the word order?


Auch is an Adverb in this sentence, so it follows the rules for an adverb. In german Adverbien come either at the beginning or in the middle. In the middle they are "more complex", it depends now what other parts are in this sentence. In this sentence we have "in Spanien" and this is an adverbiale Bestimmung des Ortes and Adverbien always come in front of the Präposition of the adverbiale Bestimmung.

So for general placement of Adverbien:
If you put it at the beginning, then its at the beginning, nothing complicated (others might become complicated then).
If you put it in the middle the following are rules/guidelines apply:
The Adverb usually comes in front of the Akkusativobjekt if the Akkusativobjekt is a noun.
The Adverb comes in behind of the Akkusativobjekt if the Akkusativobjekt is a pronoun.
The Adverb usually comes behind the Dativobjekt.
The Adverb comes in front of the Präposition of the Adverbialen Bestimmung.
The Adverb comes at the "end", when theres no Objekt or Adverbiale Bestimmung.
The Adverb's position can differ if you want to put a special emphasis.
Multiple Adverbs usually come in a specific order.
Not all Adverbs tend to be at the same places as some other Adverbs. How you can place an Adverb depending on emphasis differs for several Adverbien.


We are working in Spain also or we are also working in Spain.


It won't accept We also work in Spain or We work in Spain also.

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Why it is (if it is) wrong to say "we work also in Spain"? Meaning with some emphasis that we work in several places, including Spain.

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