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"Přečetla jsem jen jednu z těch třinácti knih."

Translation:I have only read one of those thirteen books.

October 10, 2017



What is the difference between cist and precist? I translated it as 'finished reading' and it seems this is wrong.


touch one.

PREČÍST = to read through

ČÍST= to read

DOČÍST = to finish reading

NAČÍST = to load data

That said there is hardly any difference between dočíst and přečíst and I will edit the sentence accordingly.


It's přečíst with ř ;) :) We don't want to confuse our esteemed learners :)

There is also odečíst = 'subtract, deduct, read (a gauge, a measuring instrument)' and začíst se = 'become absorbed in reading sth'


It is accepted, but wouldn't 'I have read only one of those thirteen books' be a slightly more accurate translation?


I do not see a difference. These two English sentences are both best translated as what you see in Czech above.

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