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"Přečetla jsem jen jednu z těch třinácti knih."

Translation:I have only read one of those thirteen books.

October 10, 2017



What is the difference between cist and precist? I translated it as 'finished reading' and it seems this is wrong.


touch one.

PREČÍST = to read through

ČÍST= to read

DOČÍST = to finish reading

NAČÍST = to load data

That said there is hardly any difference between dočíst and přečíst and I will edit the sentence accordingly.


It's přečíst with ř ;) :) We don't want to confuse our esteemed learners :)

There is also odečíst = 'subtract, deduct, read (a gauge, a measuring instrument)' and začíst se = 'become absorbed in reading sth'


It is accepted, but wouldn't 'I have read only one of those thirteen books' be a slightly more accurate translation?


I do not see a difference. These two English sentences are both best translated as what you see in Czech above.


Does "z" trigger the genitive case?


Yes, it does. z = from, of and it uses the genitive case.


I'm an English native and it is more usual to say 'I have read only one of those 13 books ".


I am likewise an English native (AmE), and I'd probably default to "I have only read one...," though if I were feeling particularly "grammatical" I'd switch to "I have read only one..." To my ear, they are equally natural. Are you, by any chance, native BrE? Sometimes we run across unexpected usage differences between the two.


I am BrE bit lived away for over 35 years,, so my English is now pidgeon English, but really in this instance they are identical and i shouldnt have been marked wrong. Unless it is a specific Czech language thing whereby that should be explained and given correct just like the spelling mistakes are :)


Since I would expect both versions to be accepted, it's possible that there was something -- maybe even something really small -- in your answer that Duo didn't like. If you Reported it, someone can check the reports and let you know.


Nope everything else was identical, i reported it from my initial comment above as haven't reported things before :)


This may sound weird, but it occurs to me, on re-reading your earlier comment, that your answer may have been rejected because of the "13" in it. If I recall correctly, numerals may have to be added manually. And when there are sentences with hundreds -- even thousands -- of possible translations, it's easy to miss something.

PS for others learners:

The Report button is your friend. It sends answers directly into the system, so the course team can see exactly what you wrote and can then (usually) tell you exactly why what you wrote was not accepted.


"I have read only one of those 13 books" tests green, meaning the system accepts it, even with "13" in it.

And we have no recent report so I can't see what you've actually entered to get a rejection.

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