"Ti koně nejsou tvoji."

Translation:Those horses are not yours.

October 10, 2017

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I'm still not sure why "those" is correct here and "these" isn't...


There is a difference in meaning between 'these' and 'those', both in English and in Czech. The Czech sentence here uses 'ti', which means 'those' or 'the'. This DL course is 100% consistent about this.

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"Those horses are not yours" is incorrect?


"Those horses are not yours" is correct. Look at the top of this page!


I put 'those are not your horses'. Is this meant to be incorrect and if so why is it?


These seem to be two completely different sentences.

What is that? Those are my horses.

Whose horses are these? those horses are mine/not mine. etc...

The information it gives is different.


Q: Whose horses are those? A: Those are my horses. or A: Those horses are mine. I would not say that either of those was incorrect

In the case of this sentence: Q: Are those my horses? A: No, those are not your horses. or A: No, those horses are not yours.


Not that it's worth much, but I'm right there with you on both sentences conveying the same message, in English. I got lucky and picked the "right" version! "


Hi where can i find the tips and notes?


Adding to VladaFu's reply, if there is no light bulb, there are no Tips and Notes for that skill yet.


On the web, click on a selected Skill and then on the lightbulb.


Those horses are not yours... because they dont belong to you. Those are not your horses... because they dont belong to you. I would say the meaning is the same but the words are not. Is it wrong because the Czech 'tvoji' is plural and not singular?


Just a bit of trivia: as horses were the main means of transport, horse theft was a capital crime in the American West.

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