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  5. "Giochiamo con i cani."

"Giochiamo con i cani."

Translation:We play with the dogs.

March 13, 2013



Another possible translation is "Let's play with the dogs", as giochiamo is present and can indicate the intention to do something too.


I agree with you but “let’s play with the dogs” was marked incorrect 4 years later in Dec 2017.


“let’s play with the dogs” was also marked incorrect 5 years later, in Aug 2018.


It is still marked as wrong in 2019. Could someone do something about it?


Just wondering, what's the difference between gioco and giuoco? Thanks :)


Difference between "Suoniamo" and "Giochiamo"?


Suonare uno strumento = to play an instrument

Giocare con qualcuno = to play with somebody

Recitare in un film = to play in a movie

You use the same verb in many cases. In context I think it is clear which is the meaning of "play", unless you have the verb without any context at all! :)


That's 3 out of 3. Thank you so much, marziotta. I should've guessed this myself. My head wasn't working all that well yesterday.



No prob, I think your questions will help all the people that will check the discussions. :)


It helped me for example, came looking for exactly this. Thanks :)


Think of the roots of the words. Il suono = the sound, il gioco = the game. Then which "play" is obvious.


I put we play with dogs instead of we play with the dogs and it was marked wrong. I guess adding the makes the sentence make more sense but i think my answer would still be correct.


I put 'we are playing with our dogs' just to see if the 'our' could be implied by the fact that we are using first person plural in the main verb in the sentence. I was marked wrong. I am not really complaining; I was just curious if it could be implied ...

Is it a rule that if you want to use or imply ownership that you must explicitly use the pronouns ? e.g. i nostri cani


You can leave out possessive pronouns for some things and still imply ownership but I'm not sure of the limits are - other than I know you can often do that with items of clothing. (And whether or not DL accepts it as correct is a different question)


That sentence was meant to be: *not sure of what the limits are


Yes. Pronouns are mandatory in this case. The use of the first person plural can only mean that the subject is more than one person including the person speaking.


I should of got that

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