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First Duolingo Event ever in Santiago, Chile

It happened!
From now on, October 7th will be an important date for people who use Duolingo and live in Santiago, the capital city of Chile.
With a couple of weeks of delay, it was finally possible to have our very first Duolingo Event. The idea was for people who live here to practice English, considering our native language is Spanish, and it worked! At the beginning we started to talk about our experience using Duolingo, and after that we spoke no more Spanish and we switched into English.
The idea was to practice, but also to help each other and meet people who have the same love towards Duolingo as me.
If you live in Santiago or even if you are coming for holidays here soon, there will be a second Event soon :)
I feel so lucky for having the opportunity to organize this. I want to thank all the people who were present, and to the ones who were not, you guys are cordially invited to our next Event, which, as I said, is going to be soon, so stay tuned! :)

Love you all!

Here is a picture from our meeting! :) Imgur

October 10, 2017



Soolrak, this is amazing, seems like you had fun! Thanks for sharing the pic =]


Amazing! Good luck with future events :) I love this idea!


I'm glad to hear that it went well and that you guys had fun!


Hello! I am from Santiago

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