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  5. "Nature is the best teacher."

"Nature is the best teacher."

Translation:Natura este cel mai bun profesor.

October 10, 2017


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'învățător/învățătoare' is mostly used to refer to a particular kind of teacher, a primary school teacher. 'Profesor' has a more general meaning, but you can't use it to refer to a primary school teacher.


invățatoară also means teacher, yes? But, it is not accepted.


Why "invacatoare" is incorrect? It's also translated as teacher, I guess.


Could any native speaker opine about the use of învățător in this context? Thanks much.


See wyqtor's response above. Basically, învățător refers more particularly to a grade school teacher (i.e. for little kids), whereas the term "profesor" is used in the more general sense of teacher.


The statement "Nature is the best teacher" isn't referring to any level in school or to school at all, so the earlier response doesn't answer my question.


Exactly, Nature is not a primary school teacher. Therefore, use of this word is inappropriate in this context.


But neither is nature a high school teacher or university professor. I'll ask a Romanian friend this question.

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