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Why does duolingo "drain" sections I just recently learned??

Can someone please explain the algorithm for Duolingo "draining" sections that I've learned? It seems super random and is quite annoying to be honest. I understand that we should be always reviewing things we've learned but this appears to just be random programming.

October 10, 2017



When they "drain" your skills, it is because the words that you have learned will fade from your memory. I guess it is just a way to pressure you into being more consistent in your learning. You don't have to go over those skills again, but it will help you out in the long run!


I believe it works on the strength of individual words in the skill. Each word weakens by a small amount each day. It also weakens if you need to look up its meaning or you get it wrong in a question. There may be other parameters but it is not random, although as they tweak the algorythm occasionally I can see it could look like it.


You can not hover over words, answer quickly, and answer correctly to strengthen more, else Duolingo will ask you to repeat lessons and words you had trouble with.

I also heard this might be an A/B test, and if so I guess you'd just have to ignore it at times, and continue when you think you're ready.


Hi! You might find this explanation helpful. =]

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