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3 years Duoversary and 1088 streak

When I started Duolingo 3 years ago, I did not contemplate the idea of doing it for 3 years and much less doing it every day. I guess time flies when you are having fun, and Duolingo has been mostly fun.

What have I accomplished in 3 years?

I wish I could tell you that I am perfectly fluent in German, but I am not.
I am still learning German. I am trying to reach level B2 (test in November). I speak some German, I talk every week with my German language partner and in the past I have spoken to my tutor. While watching German TV or talking to people I understand a lot of topics, but not every word. I also read and can get the main meaning, but I may miss details. I think I know most of the grammar fairly well.

I have gotten the German Owl 3 times, because the tree has changed twice since I initially completed it. I have done twice the full German tree, it was very nice to review everything from the beginning.

Why do I continue in Duolingo?
For fun and to refresh my German words. I also love the community aspect of Duo. During the last few months I only come to Duolingo for a few minutes a day and I am not sure for how much longer I can maintain my streak, which even though I love to have, is not a priority any more.

In the future I may try some other languages for fun and I will continue to attend German events. At this time I do not have more German to learn in Duolingo, so I use other resources.

Duolingo versus traditional language schools.

I think that if I had gone to a traditional school for three years, I may have learned more, but I would have also spent a lot more time and money. I do not think it would have been possible for me; the closest German school is an hour from my house.

A personal online tutor is another choice, the cost is similar to the school, but I think in any case Duolingo would have been a supplement to those options.

Thanks Duolingo and thanks to my old and new Duo friends.

What do you like the most about Duolingo?

October 10, 2017



That's quite an achievement, both the streak but also the level of knowledge you have. It is such that you have a solid perspective of where you stand with the German language. Branching out to other resources to continue studies after you've maxed out Duolingo can be a real challenge for a lot of people. But, it sounds like you've done a good job leaving the nest. :)

Letting go of a very long streak can feel pretty liberating. So, when the time comes and you decide to let it go, be prepared to exhale and feel lighter.

Viel Erfolg beim Studium. :)

PS I love your owl with the red off-kilter glasses. I don't know if I've ever said so before. But, I've thought it more than once. :)


Thanks a lot Usagiboy and thanks for your posts and help. The streak is the ring of power, but I am afraid to let it go. It is the first time I keep such a long streak, my Neopets and other digital pets were not that lucky.


Congrats...1088 is so huge. I may have similar times if I hadn't vacationed in so many internet-less countries. I know you have no need for a Lingot.....but please enjoy.

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Hi Lorel90,

Congratulation for your achievements. You have an amazing streak, and an amazing outcome.

I like Duo because it can help me to learn a basic vocabulary include them in simple sentences. It doesn't make us fluent, although it supports the basic language learning on an effective way.

Have a great day and I'm looking forward to your next duoversary with a huge, continuous streak. :)



Thanks, Danke.


Danke, gracias. Thanks for the Lingot, one for you.


Congratulations, Lorel90!


Gracias. Danke



Warm congratulations on reaching three years on DL with a streak of 1088. When I first began DL, I was about 100 days behind you, and you were my inspiration to try and keep a longer streak going. :) I have enjoyed your insights on learning German and additional sites to use in improving my German. The Duolingo Community is special and thank you for being part of it. :) Chris


Danke Chris. Thanks for the nice words. I am glad you like the resources. You have done well too, so many languages about 20.


Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Das ist wirklich eine beeindruckende Leistung. Ich wünsche dir viel Erfolg bei deiner B2 Prüfung!


Vielen Dank. Muchas gracias.


Gern geschehen. De nada!


That's really cool. I hope someday I achieve what you have but in Spanish.

I like Duolingo for how easy it is to use. A whole course laid out; Duolingo does a lot of the work for us in terms of setting up lesson plans. I don't think Duolingo is best for vocab, but it seems to teach the structure of the language really well :3


Thanks. I think you can do even better in Spanish, buena suerte.


Thanks, muchas gracias.


Amazing! Congratulations Lorel!


Thanks a lot


Congratulations with everything! You have an amazing streak and achievements.


what an amazing achievement I'm just starting out on my Duo journey - it's very encouraging to hear about other peoples experiences x


Gracias. Duolingo is great. Good luck with your Spanish.


Sehr gut! Drei Jahre ist eine lange Zeit!


Danke schön. You are also doing great 791 is a long streak.

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Congratulations on three years! Herzlichen Glückwunsch, drei Jahre sind wirklich beeindruckend! I didn't know we started using Duolingo at about the same time (oh, okay, I am one year "younger" :-) Two years ago (10-10-2015) I returned from my trip to Sweden and having picked up a few words, I felt like learning more. Duolingo was the best site I found for Swedish.


Vielen Dank. Congratulations to you, 2 years is a long time and great streak.




Congratulations on reaching another milestone - 1100 days! To many more! :)


Congratulation. You re really inspiring my baby steps in the jungle of languages, thanks for your sharing.

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