"My cousins love the royal boats."

Translation:Ñuhi ñābranni dārōñar lōgra jorrāelzi.

October 10, 2017

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If the English translation is simply "cousins," then is there a way to know that it translate to ñābranni (father's younger sister's children)? I had put "dubāzmi" (could be the wrong plural, admittedly) but surely that is another translation for cousins that could be accepted?


I put "Ñuhyz dubyssy dārōñar lōgra jorrāelzi" and it was accepted.

That said, "Ñuhi dubāzmi dārōñar lōgra jorrāelzi" should also work, but I didn't test it.

And all the other "cousin" words should also work too: "velmanni", "nabranni", "iapanni", "qybranni".

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