"Eu o urmăresc pe ea."

Translation:I follow her.

October 10, 2017

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Why is it necessary to put "pe ea" at the end? Is it possible to merely put" eu o urmaresc" ?

Thank you


Why are you thinking that "pe ea" is necessary? It's not.


It's not necessary. It's just a stress mark, like "I am following HER, not another woman".


Everywhere I look, "to follow" is "a urma" which is is conjugated : Eu urmez, tu urmezi,
el/ea urmează, etc. Is Duo's translation a mistake?


In English, the verb "to follow" has many meanings.

If you mean "To go after in pursuit", "To keep under surveillance", "To watch or observe closely", "To be attentive to; pay close heed to", then you use "a urmări" in Romanian.

If you mean "To come or go after; proceed behind", "To move along the course of; take", "To accept the guidance, command, or leadership of", "To adhere to; practice", "To come after in order, time, or position", then you use "a urma" in Romanian.


It appears that "to track" is close in meaning to "a urmari", exactly as Lurch M explains. So this sentence does utilize the conjugation for "I track . . . .", if I am not mistaken.


Are you able to post the conjugations of a urma And a urmări please?


Just follow the links I gave above and click on the "conjugări" tab. If you want to look at the conjugations for the present tense, check out the "prezent" column.


I applaud your name and your advice. Tyvm.


What is this "o" after eu?

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