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  5. "You are kind of strange."

"You are kind of strange."

Translation:Jsi taková zvláštní.

October 10, 2017



I have a question to the ending -á in this sentence. Is it the female form of takové, because you are talking to a woman, or is it sort of adverb?


It's a feminine adjectival ending.


So, why am I given as the correct answer "Jsi taková divná" when divná is not listed in the dictionary hints? AND "cizích" is given as the primary suggestion. I initially used "zvláštní" since it's the primary word for strange on here, but I thought maybe there was a reason "cizích" was listed as primary.


The hints list the possible translation of that word. Some of those translations are not applicable to the current sentence, but to some other sentence in the course. Consult a dictionary to see the exact meanings.

The word strange has two meanings. a) weird, b) foreign. These are translated differently to Czech.

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