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"Kateřina was looking for you."

Translation:Hledala tě Kateřina.

October 10, 2017



I am trying to learn the past tense as I go. Is it not possible to have the proper past tense verb conjugation available as a dictionary hint so I at least have a chance of spotting the right choice?


Is it possible to have the proper past tense conjugation listed in the dictionary hints for us beginner learners? Most of them are not the right conjugation...


We add them as we come across them. There is no visual easy system for us to know if a proper conjugation is with its counterpart. We only know if there is a hint at all or not. Please use the "hints are wrong or missing" button when you come across these.


Erik, I would recommend this guide highly, if you're still in need - all of Dr. Danaher's resources are very thorough and friendly for all levels:



In some other lesson here, "I was not looking for you" was translated as "tebe jsem nehledal". But here "hledala tebe Katerina" is not accepted. So when is "tebe" ok and when is it not?


tebe is acceptable when it is placed in the right position, and not acceptable otherwise. "tebe" is a tonic, stressed pronoun, and sounds foreign when placed in the position after the first unit of meaning, as in "Hledala tebe Kateřina.", unless it happens to be the only position left, the stressed end of the clause (so "Hledala tebe." would be an OK sentence).

, in contrast, is an unstressed, obligatory enclitic that normally must be placed in the position after the first unit of meaning. (and that's where you were attempting to stick the stressed alternative.)

if you don't want to deal with words like "enclitic", just try to keep tabs on words that like to hang out in the second slot, words that hate that slot, and words that don't care.

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