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"Before taking the apples, you go to dinner."

Translation:Înainte de a lua merele, tu mergi la cină.

October 10, 2017



Well, the corrected answer I got back was Înainte să iei ... and I wanted to ask what the să was for since we are talking to 'tu'. Is it like să află a reflexive verb.... I'm a bit lost with the new vocabulary for this lesson, it's a long one, so am trying to figure things out a bit more.


You are confusing with se. While se is indeed a reflexive pronoun, is a conjunction which introduces a verb in the subjunctive mood.


Why is 'de a' needed here?


In this sentence, they're separate words from separate phrases.

The word "de" is part of phrase "înainte de [...]", which corresponds to "before [...]" (as in, before SOMETHING).

The word "a" is part of phrase "a lua", which corresponds to the "taking" (as in, THE ACTION OF TAKING).


Two different "correct" answers... One in the exercise and yhe other in these comments... ????


yhe = the

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