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It Finally Happened!!! 파이팅!!! どうもありがとうございます!

I don't know how it happened, but I was doing some practice on the korean reverse course, and decided to go back to doing the Dutch course, and saw Japanese and Korean in my course list, on my laptop! (No plug-ins or anything, just regular Chrome) I opened Korean, and it worked! No "Korean for English speakers is not yet available on the web", an actual course with T! Japanese worked as well! (What's weird though is that there were tap the pairs and the fridge puzzle exercises, not much typing translation exercises, huh)

October 10, 2017



Just four posts below yours is the official announce here:



Interesting, I didn't even notice! Admittedly, I prefer doing new lessons on the app, but I'm glad the language is up for people that can only use the Web version.


I know, right! Extremely happy!


i'm excited for you all!! (i'm not going to learn Korean but to those who will good luck!!)

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