"Buy me a beautiful hat!"

Translation:아름다운 모자를 사주세요!

October 10, 2017

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Where is the "me" in this sentence?


When you add 주다 to the verb, it's asking someone to do that for you.


Just like in Japanese, using certain verbs allows the meaning to be obvious while avoiding pronouns.


주다 isn't an option for me to add. The way this is presented to me is that there is no way to denote that what is being bought is for the speaker.


Are you typing or selecting blocks? It seems like some people are typing responses instead of selecting boxes. I was given 사주새요 as a response choice.


Could you say "저에게 사세요" here? I understand it might be a bit rude, but I'm curious whether it's at least grammatically correct.


When will I ever use this sentence XD I'm way too shy to ask someone to buy me something. Plus, that's against my upbringing XD but thanks anyway. At least I'll know someone wants me to buy a nice hat for them...


Where do i use - 가, 이 and when do i not use it ...i keep messing up with these


If I wrote "저에게 아름다운 모자를 사주세요" would it be considered wrong? Because as I understood from the comments "주다" is basically asking someone to do that for you. BUT would it be wrong to add "저에게"?

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