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  5. "그녀는 어떻게 생겼습니까?"

"그녀는 어떻게 생겼습니까?"

Translation:What does she look like?

October 10, 2017



Would "How does she..." also be correct?


Think about this phrase: "How did the sculpture look?"

If I asked you this, how would you respond? Would you tell me what it looked like? Or would you tell me how it impressed you? I think this question is asking how something looked, in the sense of it appearing like something else. Simply saying "how" something looks can be vague since if could include another kind of question that would be worded differently in Korean.

That is my interpretation, at least.


How is this past tense?


Literally, it means "How was she formed?"


Where in the wide, wide, world of sports did the "what" come from? "어떻게" does mean "how" ... does it not?


It literally says "how" but in English it's just as common to say "what does she look like" vs "how does she look"


What is the dictionary form of 생겼습니까?


How does the woman look


Just to clarify, is this written in past tense but can be used for both present tense and past tense context??


IMO, It is closer to the English present perfect which describes an event that started in the past and is continuing now [= has been and still is]

생겼다 => has (/-ve) appeared and still appear(s), in reference to the moment the statement is made.

생겼었다 => appeared/used to appear, describing an event that happened in the past and has no longer any connection to the present.

생겼었 었다 => had appeared, describing an event completed before some reference-point in the past.

생겨요 => is/are appearing or becoming, describing an event developing/progressing right at the moment when the statement is made

Translation is situational and is difficult to give an 1:1 account each time, but this is the closest I come to understand Korean tenses.


Are these all same? 1. How does she look? 2. How does she look like? 3. What does she look? 4. What does she look like?


No they are not. 1 and 4 are equivalent but 2 and 3 are not correct sentences in English. What requires the comparator like, how does not. (I am not an English teacher though...)

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