"No, those streets are new."

Translation:Ne, ty ulice jsou nové.

October 10, 2017

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When do you use "To" "Ty" and "Te"?


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I wrote: "Ne, ty jsou nové ulice" And Duolingo said it is not correct. Why?


That is not a correct Czech sentence.

You could you the "to jsou..." patern for "Ne, to jsou nové ulice" but that means "No, those are new streets."


is the word "ulice" not feminine? if it is, then why would you not say "nová"? I tried looking through my notes (I'm re-doing this lesson) so it's possible I forgot how plural works.


It is an irregular noun, but it is a sub-modle of the feminine declension.


I put "ne ulice jsou nové" b/c i thought 'ty' was part of 'ty jsi' (informal 'you are') & the presence of "jsou" indicated 'they'. I would expect "oni" to be used in place of "ty" but it was not an option. Can this be explained why 'ty' is used instead of 'Oni' in the case of the streets being plural?


Ty here is the demonstrative pronoun meaning "the/those," rather than the personal pronoun meaning "you." It is modifying ulice.


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