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"Táta se narodil v Česku a máma na Slovensku."

Translation:Dad was born in Czechia and Mom in Slovakia.

October 10, 2017



Lol guys, funny discussion, but everyone seems to have missed the real question - are na and v interchangeable here? Is it totally arbitrary which is used? So the sentence could just as easily read Táta se narodil na Česku a máma v Slovensku? Or does one need to memorize which preposition to use with which city and country?


Such question was not asked here so it was not missed. It has been asked elsewhere several times before. See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26202454


Ah. I didn't see it there. Thanks!


Why not "in the Czech Republic"?


I've reported it. Since other exercises have accepted "the Czech Republic," it would be good to accept it here, too.


I didn't even know the word "Czechia" existed before this course :D


The proper name is the "Czech Republic", but it seems that some guys running the show (Zeman et al.) are trying to make "Czechia" happen.


Apparently "Czechia" HAS happened, and I don't get it. If a shorter or Anglicized name was wanted, what was wrong with "Česko"? Yeah, the spelling would need a little work, but to me, "Czechia" sounds... well... fake.


From what I've seen, Czech punctuation, with some minor exceptions, is very similar to that of Bulgarian (Russian and German as well) and in such sentences, in Bulgarian, a dash should be put (although many people don't do it, be it from laziness, be it from not knowing the rule):

"Тате е роден в Чехия, а мама [е родена] – в Словакия."

I was wondering: does Czech use a dash when a verb is contextually clear, and thus not written in order to avoid repetition?

"Táta se narodil v Česku a máma [se narodila] (–?) na Slovensku."


No, no such dash here.


Yes the official UN name is Czechia although very few in Czech seem to call it that except at the airport.


Well which official UN name?

Which one is more official, Germany or The Federal Republic of Germany? The Netherlands or The Kingdom of The Netherlands? France or The French Republic?

You should distinguish the short name and the long name.

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