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  5. "Umíš jezdit na kole?"

"Umíš jezdit na kole?"

Translation:Do you know how to ride a bicycle?

October 10, 2017



As I got the sense of umět, 'Are you able to ride a bicycle' wouldn't be wrong, would it? Edit: Apparently my English skills aren't that great, I had a misunderstanding. Sorry for bothering!


Maybe in some contexts? But generally, no. Umět is about skill rather than ability.

"Are you able to ride a bicycle" is generally asking if you're physically able - for example, I'm not able to ride a bicycle when I'm tired, when I have a broken leg, or when someone's stolen my bike. None of those examples work with "umět". Even if I currently can't ride it for any of the mentioned reasons, I still know how - I still "umím jezdit na kole".

"Are you able to ride a bicycle" translates to "Jsi schopný/á jet na kole?" if it's about the immediate ability to ride it now or "Jsi schopný/á jezdit na kole?" if it's more general - to ride it at all.

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